Third Party Inspection & Certification

A formal and impartial evaluation of equipment and process by an independent party is Third Party Inspection (TPI).  Such an evaluation will be with reference to the statutory standards of safety, quality, performance and environmental protection.

JABCO Inspection Services provide third party services for a wide range of lifting equipment. We carry out these inspections with modern technology to ensure that the equipment and process are in line with the mandates for lifting gear operations. Providing an unbiased, impartial and transparent assessment under ‘Third Party Inspection’ has been the hallmark of our services.

Companies and individuals in the industrial construction place trust and confidence in the cranes, earth movers, other heavy lifting equipment and the processes, when the same are attested by the team of our qualified and trained engineers. A TPI Certification by JABCO, is an assurance that a thorough assessment of the equipment and processes has been made.