Proof Load Testing

Load testing is an imperative to identify the maximum operating capacity of lifting equipment and the related components. JABCO Inspection Services has the capability to perform load testing for pad eyes on basket, boxes, skids, oilfield equipment etc. For load testing, we conduct a visual inspection and an inspection of all materials welds in critical load stress areas. Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) or Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) of all critical areas is performed pre and post load test to check for fractures or cracks. We are capable of testing the load capacities of rigging equipment hoists, slings, offshore cranes and other heavy lifting apparatuses. The load test we conduct include stress withstanding test, working load test, breaking strength test, shock load test etc.  We perform proof load test on new as well as existing crane, equipment and components. On due completion of load tests, we provide a Certificate of load test and inspection along with NDT documentation for the equipment tested in addition to a stainless steel nameplate to be attached to all equipment.