JAB Inspection Services is a reputed name among E.P.C companies in Saudi Arabia, to seek high quality solutions for inspection and lifting.  Credibility has come to us from the long-term relations we have built with the clients. Our attitude and ease in resolving challenges which at first instance seemed as impossible to be solved, has expanded our client base. Alongside, innovation and creativity we weave inextricably in all solutions have made us leaders in the field.

At JAB Inspection Services, we transform the inspection experiences into concrete tangible projects testifying our expertise.  We are the right door to be knocked on for inspection and lifting solutions.


JABCO Inspection Services is a choice of several companies in Saudi Arabia who execute mega projects under EPC arrangements. JABCO has the right team to carry out the inspection of lifting and hoisting equipment with regard to the structural integrity and reliability.

Our services are sought by a vast range of industries – Oil & Gas, Thermal, Marine, Construction and other industrial projects. We have the best tools and right talents to serve the client needs.



Effective lifting tasks depend on the continued safety of the lifting equipment, proper planning and condition of accessories that are used. Equipment failure can result in serious or fatal injuries.  All the lifting equipment require regular inspection and proper certification as per the required standards in the industry to ensure their integrity and safety.

Non-Destructive Testing

Materials and equipment develop defects such as fatigue cracks or corrosion cracks, on being used regularly. Undetected defects may at a later stage require expensive repair or may result in equipment failure. Common weld defects include Lack of fusion, Porosity, Cracking and Undercut. Such defects affect the stress distribution along the weld and may lead to failure.


JABCO Inspection Services provides purposeful training to the workforce who operate cranes, heavy equipment, rigs, scaffolds etc. on the floor. The training modules aim for boosting morale and confidence of the participants and make them perform their roles effectively and efficiently.



A formal and impartial evaluation of equipment and process by an independent party is Third Party Inspection (TPI).  Such an evaluation will be with reference to the statutory standards of safety, quality, performance and environmental protection.