Scaffolding Inspection

Scaffolds are temporary structures erected as work platforms for carrying out works at heights above ground levels. As scaffolds carry a potential threat of fall/accidents, their risk assessment at relative periods is imperative for determining actions for controlling the risks.

JABCO Inspection Services has a competent team of Scaffold Inspectors for conducting scaffolding inspection in accordance with the legal requirements. We provide services on an ongoing basis at different phases of scaffolding—erection, alteration and dismantling—to ensure the safety and security of the scaffold and scaffoldings, at each phase. Our inspection services highlight the functional aspects of the scaffold like the maximum live and dead loads and the access requirements.

When circumstances such as adverse weather, heavy rains, tremors or earthquakes necessitate adjustments to scaffolds and scaffoldings, our team of inspectors is capable of providing the required corrective measures immediately.

We even undertake ad-hoc scaffolding inspections to supplement the statutory inspections carried out for the clients, by others.

Our scaffolding inspection services include:

  • Regular inspection of scaffold and scaffoldings
  • Inspection of the scaffold against the design plan
  • Issue of hand over certificates
  • Issue of inspection certificates periodically
  • Use of scaff-tag system for a visual record of the inspection
  • Providing a comprehensive report about scaffolding inspection

Till the completion of the work, we maintain at the site, a diary recording the inspection details with regard to the defects identified and remedial steps suggested and actions taken.